Episode 219 – Festive Pineapple

One day a boy went to a restaurant to get a festive pineapple. He had been looking forward to his pineapple for weeks. Upon arrival, he ordered his festive pineapple and waited happily for his meal to come. When he was finally served, the boy was curious to see that his normally bright, yellow pineapple was, in fact, a deep red! He assumed this was due to the holiday season, but when he bit into the pretty treat… he discovered it was an APPLE! The End.
Factoid of the Week
Birth name: Samuel Langhorne Clemens
Nickname (name change): Mark Twain, Thomas Jefferson Snodgrass
Did you know?
Haley’s Comet was visible in the sky both on the night that Mark Twain was born and on the night he passed away.
Mark Twain published more than 30 books throughout his career.

Are you C/Kathy?
Dog Shoots Hunter
Creative Judge
Steaming Poo Hoax

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Running Time: 54:31

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