Episode 222 – Apocalypse Soon!

First show of the APOCALYPSE YEAR!? I’d say it’s been a fantastic year so far. WVU bloody well crushed Clemson (ahahahah win), I haven’t had a day of work yet due to snow, and I finally found my way back to the gym. This is the resolution show… where we read the resolutions that you guys have made… and probably will not keep 😛 Stephen and I also add what we have planned for the next year. Mostly, we hope people keep being stupid so we can tell you guys about it every Thursday night at 8pm EST 😀
Factoid of the Week
The tradition of women proposing to men on leap year day dates all the way back to 5th century Ireland.
In 1288 Queen Margret of Scotland ordered that any man who was proposed to on Leap Year’s Day and refused the proposal could be fined either a kiss, a silk dress, or a pair of gloves that were to be given to the rejected woman. So a woman, who was extremely unpopular could fund her entire wardrobe by proposing to a lot of men she knew would refuse her.

Carrot Steals Wedding Ring
I Love Lamp
iRobot Pudding

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Running Time: 1:16:03

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