Episode 227 – Hump Day Edition

Since Ashley was going to be late for a dinner date, you are left with me to write the “copy” for today’s show. It will no doubt be a lot less exciting that Ashley’s typical off the wall posts that have nothing to do with anything the show was about, but you’ll get by one way or the other. Today’s show was all about the rapid fire story telling since we were under a time crunch, but never fear! We still brought you the boobs, madness, and strange Nigerian witchcraft stories that you love. So grab a bag of doritos and listen to the show!
Factoid of the Week
Kangaroos cannot move their legs independently.

Dinner for Three?
Heart Attack at the Heart Attack
Man Sheep Abomination
Saved by the Boob

Download it Here! (Right-click, Save As…)
Running Time: 43:07

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