Episode 235 – Avengers Assemble!

So I just spent 2 hours watching youtube proposals… (I started by watching a lioness try and eat a baby dressed in a striped coat). I gotta say… people are very special. One guy proposed at McDonalds, one made his gf fly across teh country, and one (pretty sure it was fake) was told no. What do all these videos have in common? They were all LAME and I was sucked into watching them for some sort of climactic moment (for the video, not for me)… and NONE OF THEM HAD ANY!? Gah
Factoid of the Week
The word “set” has more definitions than any other word in the English language.

Goat Hijacks Car
Man Sues Over Hard-On
Dedicated Zoo Keeper
Oooh, She’s A Lady
Don’t Insult the Chef

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Running Time: 56:07

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