H&H Episode 241 – Spelunking in Vitro

Tonight’s show is brought to you by H&H Good Time Cafe! If you ever find yourself hungry for lovin’ and weird and crazy news foods, stop by the H&H Good Time Cafe! Gorge yourself on the WTF Burger, chock full of so much stuff, we don’t even know what goes in it. Throw down a side of Better Left Uneaten fries! Tastier than they sound and just as unhealthy! Wash all that down with a Small Town Milkshake made of every flavor from chocolate to care bear! So bring your smilin’ faces on down to the H&H Good Time Cafe and give a listen to HORSESHOES & HAND GRENADES! We have naked grocery shopping and mystery mushrooms that just happen to be sex toys!
Factoid of the Week
A jellyfish is 95 percent water.

Naked Grocery Shopping
Man Calls 911 Over Sammich
Sex Toys are not Mushrooms
Camera Catches Politician with his Pants Down

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Running Time: 1:05:35

Author: Smashie

She's scatterbrained and filled with coconut oil at best.

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