Episode 257 – You Have Chest Hair?

TigerIs anyone doing Insanity with me or am I winging it alone? Stephen was meant to do some hard core working out with me (we have this whole competition thing going), but he sucks at life… or rather, he doesn’t and is busy with actual life. Either way, I’m killing myself all alone! If anyone is doing it, let me know! Also, IRON MAN 3 this weekend!? I am so bloody stoked! Who all is going?
Factoid of the Week:
3.5 million people are still paying for a dial-up AOL internet connection.

Chess Gone Violent
Tiger in the Potty
McDonald’s is Gross
Panties for Men

Words of Wisdom:
He who has a why to live can bear almost any how. – Friedrich Nietzsche

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Running Time: 1:14:14

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