Episode 267 – Dingle my Berries

mike-roweOk, so the story thing is fun… but only if other people get involved, so, I give :pInstead I am going to talk to you about the merits of dolphin surfing. One hour of dolphin surfing can burn upwards of almost 1000 calories (or 1/8th a big mac from crapdonalds). Dolphin surfing is also great for your lungs, vitamin D intake and a great way to get toned up. Staying standing while riding a dolphin at 30 mph is tough business!

Factoid of the Week:
Watching horror films can burn up to 200 calories – the same as a half hour walk!

Police Geese
Smallest Penis
Snake Bites PeePee
Cow Falls Thru Roof

Words of Wisdom:
There’s no workman, whatsoever he be, That may both work well and hastily.
Geoffrey Chaucer

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Running Time: 1:24:48

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