Episode 287 – Crossing the Streams

key-lime-pie-xI am so DONE with being cold! It was (relatively) warm for a few days and then proceeds to become cold enough to snow… again. I don’t want to be cold anymore. It makes my toes turn blue and I can’t go outside and I’m already pale to begin with. My screen is currently a darker shade of white than I am! I think I am going to move to Belize, build a house (complete with solar panels and rain water collection devices) and plant a garden. I will be warm and have fruit. This would please me… so would going to Dragon Con! 6 months!
Factoid of the Week:
Despite their small size, rats have an incredibly large collective appetite. It’s estimated that rodents nibble away at one-fifth of global food supply every year, making them significant contributors to famine — not to mention accruing $19 billion in damaged goods.

China Opens Baby Hatches
Surprise Medication
Rat in Cake
Snore No Moar Pillow

Words of Wisdom:
The clever cat eats cheese and breathes down rat holes with baited breath.
W. C. Fields

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Running Time: 44:12

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