Episode 315 – Squeeze Cocker

I think fast food joints should sell sex toys with their burgers. Burger fi has the best veggie burgers on the freaking planet.  If they would have given me some sex tape or a fluffy handcuff with that sucker, I’d have moved in there.  Also, french fries.  All the fries.  I wanna dye my hair again.  I hate being an adult.  I want fun hair and no bills and to be back in school and I want to SLEEP.  I miss sleep!  Also, we did a show.  We were VERY tired… so it’s weird.  I think we talked.  We may have just slept on the air.  CuZ.  Yeah.  I miss you guys.  You guys are cool.  Send me videos!  

Factoid of the Week:
The eggplant, also known as the aubergine in Europe, was named by the English because early specimens were all white and looked like hen’s eggs.

NoodleZ and LSD
Hamster Air
The Scarf Piddler
Burger with a side of Nipple Clamps

Words of Wisdom:
Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens. – Jimi Hendrix

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