Episode 365 – Kiss Mass

This week, we celebrate day two of my Birthday!  Yes, I get two days.  In reality, every day is treated like my birthday… because I am awesome.  No, not really.  But Jacob did make me WAFFLES with kiwis and peaches!  Dude, you dunno how good that stuff is!  AHHHH!  On a lighter note – here’s hoping that Stephen doesn’t get hit in the head with a green screen two shows in a row.

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Factoid of the Week:
The boomslang snake’s venom causes you to bleed from all orifices of your body.

U.K. shopper suffering from sore feet calls ambulance for ride home
Iredell man burns down shed while blowtorching spider webs
Swine brew: New Jersey beer celebrates pork roll
Entrepreneurs are selling Australia’s fresh air in a can to China

Words of Wisdom:
Kill the snake of doubt in your soul, crush the worms of fear in your heart and mountains will move out of your way. -Kate Seredy

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