Episode 391 – Plastic Coated Tater-Tots

I am putting makeup on.  It is annoying.  I don’t want to paint my face tonight.  Sometimes it is fun.  Tonight I just wish I had naturally rolled out of bed looking like a VS model.  Maybe I should tattoo my face on.  That’s a thing.  I should do that.

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Factoid of the Week:
Worm-eating Bassian thrushes have been known to dislodge their prey from piles of leaves by directing their farts at them. The excretion of gas shifts the leaf-litter on the ground and apparently provokes worms to move around, revealing their location.

Divorcee destroys ex’s $1m violin collection in Japan
New Britain man gets 120 days in prison after killing pet fish in Bristol
Woman charged after alleged topless road rage incident
California man accused of smuggling deadly king cobras in potato chip cans

Words of Wisdom:
Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings. -Salvador Dali

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