Episode 417: Tossing Beaver Salad

I am in poor shape. Today marks the third day of adding cardio to my yoga practice… and my muscles are crying out in pain and wondering what they did to deserve such harsh treatment. How did I let myself get to the point where three bloody days of moving for an hour has destroyed me? Guys. Halp. Workout with me so we can all be in pain together!  Yes? Yes.

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Factoid of the Week:
Aaron Star teaches “Hot Nude Yoga” in a Chelsea studio. The classes are men-only, and there are only two rules: “no kissing and no touching penises.

Passenger stripped naked, watched porn and attacked airline crew during flight
Hartford Police Say Man Drove Stolen Car to Court To Face Stolen Car Charge
Butcher charged with cutting off son’s hand over porn addiction
Utah State Bar accidentally emails image of topless woman to every lawyer in the state

Words of Wisdom:
The attitude of gratitude is the highest yoga. ~ Yogi Bhajan

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