Episode 425 – I Am Not Clickbait

When in High School, I used to listen to Aerosmith a good deal… not entirely sure how I even found out about them, but it was essentially the only music I owned (Hah, remember when you used to buy music?). Since then, my tastes have evolved into a sort of hybrid of death metal, chainsaws, electrocution, and tinky-tink fairy puff. That all goes together smoothly, right? I only mention any of this because I found a Russian metal cover of Dream On… it was awesome.

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Factoid of the Week:
The pear was sacred to two goddesses in Greek mythology – Hera and Aphrodite. It was also sacred to the corresponding Roman goddesses, Juno and Venus, as well as to Pomona, the Roman goddess of fruitfulness.

Posh people are now taking Ecstasy with BRIE in new middle-class dinner party craze
A Florida couple stole a motorized cart from Walmart — and then drove it to a bar
This Bitcoin Pizza Day, Remember Not to Spend Bitcoins on Pizza
Power Outage Triggers ‘Extreme Zombie Activity’ Alert In Florida City

Words of Wisdom:
Whatever you do, do it gently and unhurriedly, because virtue is not a pear to be eaten in one bite.  –Seraphim of Sarov

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