Episode 438 – Derp Fish

My daddy makes SO much food when he cooks. I’m talking food for seven people for DAYS. Combine that with my mother doing the same thing… and it looks like a thirty person picnic every time we go over to their house to eat. Also, I ate too much and I am about to die. Why am I like this. Also, also, I chased my nephew around the house for thirty minutes after eating to much so I am extra going to puke and die. Someone save me from myself. Halp.

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Factoid of the Week:
Only about 10% of the world’s currency is physical money, the rest only exists on computers.

Indonesian province bans men and women from dining together
A Bug’s Heist: Thousands Of Insects, Spiders Stolen From Philadelphia Museum
Kuwaiti fishmonger closed for ‘sticking googly eyes on fish’
Virginia man erects electrified fence near school bus stop to keep kids off property

Words of Wisdom:
Never trust a computer you can’t throw out a window. -Steve Wozniak.

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