Episode 451 – The Sovereign State of Uranus

You know how some days’ passage of time seems to slow down and take at least triple the actual time, and some days go by so quickly, that you are convinced time goblins are eating your day away? I wonder what causes that? I don’t think it’s necessarily a fun event or being busy, because those seem to go by quickly, slowly, and regularly as well as the days of leisure and being bored. Einstein talked about it, but I wonder if he had a pact with time fairies to keep us off the scent?

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Factoid of the Week:
The process that caramelizes toast — cooking the sugars in the bread and turning them golden-brown — begins at 310 degrees Fahrenheit and is called the Maillard reaction, which gives toast its flavor and its crunch.

Dutch astronaut accidentally called 911 from space
City of Keene in Dispute with Local Restaurant Owner Over ‘Pho Keene Great’ Name
Constipated man has life-saving surgery after inserting a massive LIVE EEL up his bum
Lack of hot sauce leads to shooting at Taco Bell

Words of Wisdom:
If you’re in the game long enough, you’re going to be the toast of the town one day, and the next day you’ll be toast. -Alan K. Simpson

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