Episode 506 – Violent Burp

Courtesy of Jole Aron

Tyrannosaurus rex looked the most ferocious of all the dinosaurs, but in terms of overall cunning, determination and its array of vicious weapons it was Utahraptor that was probably the fiercest of all. Utahraptor measured about 7 metres and weighed in at just under a TON.

Among other things, raptors are distinguished by the large, curving, single claws on each of their hind feet, which they used to slash at and disembowel their prey. Befitting its large size, Utahraptor possessed especially dangerous-looking nine-inch-long claws.

Befitting their kinship with the first prehistoric birds, most, if not all, raptors of the late Cretaceous period, like Deinonychus and Velociraptor, were covered with feathers, at least during certain stages of their life cycles. Although no direct evidence has been adduced for Utahraptor possessing feathers, they were almost certainly present, if only in hatchlings or juveniles—and the odds are that full-grown adults were plushly feathered as well, making them look a bit like giant turkeys

Seriously, look this beast up… it is terrifying.

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Factoid of the Week:
In 1842, the English naturalist Sir Richard Owen coined the term Dinosauria, derived from the Greek deinos, meaning “fearfully great,” and sauros, meaning “lizard.”

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Words of Wisdom:
We all have a dinosaur deep within us just trying to get out. -Colin Mochrie

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