Episode 507 – Hammer It Back Home

This quarantine has been a real bear for everyone, but we’re working our way through it together. We here at the Orbiting HQ truly hope you and yours are doing fine and everything is going alright. If not, all we can really provide is a few laughs and maybe a distraction or two while we all descend into madness. At least we can go there together!

Our show is listener supported… tell EVERYONE about the wackiness! EVERYONE!  Even your grandmother!  She needs penis jokes too! 

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Factoid of the Week:
Bananas may be considered a mood enhancer because it contains the amino acid, tryptophan and Vitamin B6 that helps the body produce serotonin.

Woman’s Attraction to Chandelier Does Not Count as a Sexual Orientation, Ruling Says
California skate park filled with sand to enforce social distancing backfires as dirt bikers show up
Doctor warns that bacteria from FARTS could be spreading coronavirus
Woman’s fake breasts saved her life when silicone implant stopped a bullet headed for her heart

Words of Wisdom:
Any ape can reach for a banana, but only humans can reach for the stars.    -Vilayanur S. Ramachandran

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