Episode 517 – The Goo That Becomes You

I’ve decided that maybe having a drink before the show is a decent idea. Between Ashley’s ADHD and my white russian, we really had a great time. I think everyone in the chat had a great time too and that’s really the only measure we have to how awesome this show is. I’m pretty happy with it. Let’s do it again! Enjoy this thing, nerds!

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Factoid of the Week:

Nature is a brutal place, so during brooding, penguins are reluctant to leave their eggs unguarded in the nest—even to relieve themselves. But one also does not wish to sully the nest with feces. So instead, a brooding penguin will hunker down, point its rear end away from the nest, lift its tail, and let fly a projectile of poo—thereby ensuring both the safety of the eggs and the cleanliness of the nest. Using Newton’s equations, the maximum flying distance of penguin poo was calculated to be 1.34 meters, or 4.39 feet.

Japan Is Asking People Not To Scream On Rides At Its Reopened Theme Parks
Man in stolen vehicle flees officers, crashes into woman in separate stolen vehicle in Newberg; both arrested
Florida man known as ‘Fat Boy’ hides marijuana in belly fat
‘No one told me’: Samoan man serves five more years in prison than he had to

Words of Wisdom:
We build too many walls and not enough bridge – Isaac Newton

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