The Apocalypse Is Nigh!

A bunch of Russian crazies have managed to blockade themselves inside and old pre-revolutionary convent claiming that the world is ending! Not only that the world is ending, but also that processed food, credit cards, and bar codes are all the work of Satan. We all knew that, right? But what sense does it make to block yourself in and wait for your certain doom? Continue reading “The Apocalypse Is Nigh!”

Woman Sues Over Botched Surgery

The headline of this article may be slightly inaccurate since the woman didn’t actually have a botched surgery, but the completely wrong one! A woman is suing the hospital that performed cosmetic surgery that left her with bigger breasts she didn’t order! Continue reading “Woman Sues Over Botched Surgery”

New Site Launched!

Welcome to the brand spankin’ new Horseshoes & Hand Grenades home on the web! Just like the old H&H, but with a little more “awesome” added into it. We’re going to be posting daily with news articles and weird crap we’ve seen on the net! That’s one of the additions we’re adding to make your visits to H&H a little more fun. Continue reading “New Site Launched!”

Episode 50 LIVE! – “Pimp Capacitator!”

Our 50th show has come and gone and, for lack of a better string of words, it was frakking glorious.  It’s almost been a year, and you guys have fluffed our egos to mammoth proportions.  (Is that a good thing?  Yeah, it really is.)  We had a brilliant turnout of people, who we bribed, to come listen to Stephen and I talk about Super Sheep, Hand Bags and Hand Grenades, The Woman Who Had a Toilet for an Arse, and More Kitty Survival!  A heartfelt thanks to: Scott, K-man, Brandon, Will, Sarn, Voodoo, Frankie U., Micah, and Lisa!
Factoid of the Week:
Each year, 30,000 people are seriously injured by exercise equipment 

Super Sheep!
Hand Bags and Hand Grenades?
More Kitty Survival!
Fencing Saves Lives!
Crying Robbers
Old Lady With a Bone To Pick
Talk about your having your butt glued to the seat O_o    <— Submitted by VoodooSnowFlakes
Woman Forgotten

Check out these fine sites from some of the friends who joined us!
Massassi Forums
To Be Named Later – Another Pi and CHiPS Show

Download it Here! (Right-click, Save As…)
Running Time: 1:17:38   <— Longevity is due to the LIVE-ness 🙂

H&H LIVE! Episode 50 This Friday!

Ladies and Gentlemen, this Friday we will be producing the 50th episode of our fantastic podcast, and would like YOU to join us! Every 10 episodes we do a live show so we can have input from our fans and let you guys join us in laughing at the rest of the world. After doing 4 of these we have finally streamlined our process into something that works, and makes it easiest for you guys. Here are the details:

  • The show starts at 8pm EST, and will be streamed right here on
  • We will be using Stickam which provides a cool chat box in the streaming client that will be in the right sidebar of this page. This is a good alternative to communicating with us if you don’t want to or can’t use Skype.
  • If you want to call in, you will need to have a Skype account and the Skype software (available FREE from and a decently quiet room so the whole world doesn’t hear your music, tv, or small children crying. Also, please turn down the show when you call in so we don’t hear ourselves through your microphone.
  • Add “hnhlive” as a friend on Skype. This is the name you will be able to reach us at.
  • This show is a total free-for-all, so call in whenever you want and we will take your call. I don’t care if we’re in the middle of a story, we want to hear from you! Because we love you 🙂

Remember, as always live shows can and very well might run long, be excessively RAUNCHY, and our conversation may stray so far from the topic that you can’t see it anymore. We’ve had SO much fun when we do these shows, that these things don’t even bother us. So please call in! We’ll see you guys this Friday!


Episode 49 – “What Is A Pooh Anyway?”

Do you guys remember silly putty? I have two eggs (pink and green), and I’ve been playing with it for the last hour, and I can’t stop! I also drew gold vines all they way up my left arm; and then took the silly putty and pasted gold vines on the stretchy stuff. I am easily entertained. And, speaking of entertainment… if you would like some, then enjoy this episode! We proudly present: sleeping your way rich, nagging your husband limp, beating your way through anger management, and shitting your way to a better world.
This episode is dedicated to the memory of Gary Gygax, creator of Dungeons and Dragons.

Factoid of the Week:
The Polish government awards informants with flowers and chocolates

Man’s Nagging Wife Leaves Him Limp
Why Didn’t I Think Of This?
101 Year Old Guy Runs Half-Marathon, Pauses For A Beer and Cigarette
Anger Management Works!
More Survivor Kitty
Missing Your Left Leg?
Cows Shyte Energy
I Would Have Just Quit…
This Sounds Like My Dad

Download it Here! (Right-click, Save As…)
Running Time: 58:40

S.U.C. Surge Causes Show Delay

This is Steve reporting from the front line of a surge currently taking place by the Squirrel United Comrades (S.U.C.) against our friends in the Feline Underground Resistance (F.U.R.) I’m excited to tell you that we are holding back these incredibly acrobatic, yet easily distracted elite forces from our enemies. I’m stuck in a foxhole…or cathole, given the circumstances, and I’m watching the mania take place. I’ve never seen a tabby cat fire a bazooka with such precision, but Private Mittens is tearing the opposition. I am deeply saddened that I am forced to relay this info through text, but my microphone was shot out of my hand by the squirrel sniper they have on their site. The good news is one of our guys managed to see it and noticed his position, dispatching him only seconds later.
The main reason I tell you about this non-stop action is that our show will be delayed until tomorrow! Hopefully this conflict will be resolved and we’ll be reporting on the craziest news that happened this week! Hang in there with us and we’ll make sure it’s worth your while!

Holy crap! We’re moving forward! I can see their makeshift camp, and we are taking over! More on this later!

HnH: The BLoG!!

Yes, you read the header right, folks! H&H is invading the blogosphere with a much more updated version of the show you all know and love! Granted it’s all text and pictures so you will be forced to read, but that’s not so bad! We wanted to provide you guys with week long entertainment rather than just our Friday show. We’ll be posting stories that either did not make the show in the week before, or stories that we just think are cool. Occasionally you will also find a rant or two from Steve and Ashley because they battle many idiots on a daily basis, and would love to put their tales to paper! So be sure to check out the blog at the url below and comment! There is already one story up on the blog for you to devour and leave your thoughts on. So check it out and don’t forget to spread the H&H love…just don’t spread it too forcefully or you may have to call it H&H rape, which is a bad thing.

Episode 40 is LIVE Tonight @ 8pm EST!

Episode 40 will be live! We’re keeping with our tradition of having every 10th episode be live, so you guys can call in and bug us! We’ll be available on stickam through our website at All you have to do is go there and you should be able to hear us! Then, when you are good and ready, give Steve a call on Skype! His name is “fulltangninja“. We’ll put you on the show and let you join in on our conversation for a bit. It’s going to be a blast, and hopefully we can keep the quality up and good. Call-ins are completely ENCOURAGED! So please do it! Who knows what could happen 🙂
We look forward to hearing from you tonight. The LIVE romp starts at 8pm EST. Hope we see (or hear) you there!