H&H Returns!!

The Orbiting HQ’s engine rumbles to life amidst the blackness of space. Thrusters engage as it rattles its way back into orbit. The antenna’s begin tracking strange people and gathering odd news from all over the globe. H&H Man awakes from a long food coma, straps on his armbands of justice, and takes a seat at the controls. Begin Transmission. H&H is Back.

Episode 230 – NTCITYTII

This episode is NOT the call-in that it normally is. I am going to visit Stephen and Stephanie next week, sooooooo, we’ve decided to move the call-in episode to 231 and not 230. EVERYTHING IS BACKWARDS!? I know, it’s utter madness and chaos. The sun is the moon and the moon is made of gravy. Now I want pancakes and biscuits. No bacon, tho. I dislike bacon. Anyway, prepare to call us NEXT week. This week, kick back and listen to the lunacy that is our show (and the morons that in habit this planet to make our show possible :p)
Factoid of the Week:
The Dead Sea is the lowest point on Earth.

Lady Loves Libby
Godzirra Turkey
Washington Nuggets
Spot Light

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Running Time: 1:02:06

Episode 229 – Deyu Sex

H&H has risen like a pheonix from the ashes and has brought you the long awaited Episode 229. The hackers almost had us, but we were able to recover relatively quickly, and get it all working again. Seriously, though! Why would anyone want to take down the happiest place on earth? You guys obviously like us so it must be some ridiculously straight-laced organization that can’t stand for our crazy humor and gratuitous nudity…okay maybe not the nudity part. We’re just glad to have the site back and running in perfect order. Enjoy our latest episode!!
Factoid of the Week
“Poo” means “crab” in Thailand. There is a book called “Cooking with Poo”

Zombies in China
Waiter Spills Beer
Karma Hates You
You can do this!?

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Running Time:

Episode 228 – The Family Jewels

Butter! We here at HnH like butter… and bacon. Well, Stephen likes bacon and butter. I dont eat bacon piggies in butter. And we also play country music. Basically, this entire episode is offense to me in every way. I also drew an angel penis. And I’m running out of things to say. And Stephen is judging me. I can tell. He wants to clean the kitchen, but he JUDGES my writing. DONT JUDGE ME!@?#
Factoid of the Week
Siphonapterology is the study of fleas.

Man Survives Two Months on Snow
Don’t Mumble
Are Your Parents Swingers
Sexy Jazz Station

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Running Time: 1:02:54

The Lost Dragon*Con Tape

I talked about this a few weeks ago and then completely did not upload it for you guys to here. So here I am to fix it! Inside this post, you shall find an encapsulated wonder of hilarity known as “The Lost Dragon*Con Tape.” It’s about twenty minutes of madness where you get an inside glimpse of the minds of your favorite podcast hosts, which is not completely different than the way they are on a real show. We had a blast making this, especially because we really didn’t know we were making anything. There’s also a killer song about breastfeeding in there 0_o. Love it!
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Running Time: 19:42

Episode 213 – The Great Boobaloo

Well, I’m not allowed to make these diary entries anymore… and we are trying not to talk about sex, so ppl don’t think we are a super dirty show… Ummm… so that kinda leaves me very few things to write about. I guess I could write about the SHOW, but you’re going to LISTEN to the show… so I don’t want to SPOIL the show… I mean, I could tell you knock knock jokes? Knock, Knock… HnH…. LISTEN TO THE DAMN SHOW so you can hear about yak nipples!
Oh yeah! Check out Chris Moreno’s Zombie Dickheads! Fantastic stuff!

Factoid of the Week:
In 1807, Washington Irving attached the moniker “Gotham” to New York City in a satire publication called Salmagundi. Salmagundi, by the way, is defined as a dish of chopped meat, anchovies, eggs, onions, and seasoning. Tasty!In 1807, Washington Irving attached the moniker “Gotham” to New York City in a satire publication called Salmagundi. Salmagundi, by the way, is defined as a dish of chopped meat, anchovies, eggs, onions, and seasoning. Tasty!

Woman Eats Her Surprise
Toe Suck Fairy
Yak Nipples

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Running Time: 1:06:02

Episode 212 – Do It Like Bernie

Ummm, so this is the most bizarre we have done in a while… some of the stories are REALLY weird and REALLY gross… but, we have no filter so, we will tell you about them! yay! Also, I cleaned my Jeep today. Like, REALLY cleaned him. Washed and waxed and vacuumed and armoralled and he is so totally stoked to be clean >^_^< Granted, getting wax off of windows is a PAIN in the arse… stupid windex is no match for turtle waX.
Factoid of the Week:
The parachute was invented by Leonardo Da Vinci in 1515

Breast Slapping
Dog Walker
Keeping it in the Family
Partied to Death

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