Episode 52 – “I’m Feeling Fat and Sassy!”

limecatHappy Birthday to US! We are officially a year old today (March 28th 2008), and we have learned to say “no”. We also have been locked out of the kitchen cabinets, because we keep banging the pots around late at night when mommy wants her alone time with the postman… Go have a cupcake in our honor and chow down on its sugary, heart-stopping, internal organ melting icing, and enjoy Radioactive Kitteh (comic anyone?), Testicle Removal (by a church deacon!), and a Man (who was a woman) that is 5 Months Preggers!
*Blows out the candles and waits for the strippers*
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Episode 51 – “”You are NOT in my pee circle!”

Through the great happenstance of fate, Stephen and I are in the same state! Oh, joy of joy’s, my dear heart doth sing to the heavens for it is lifted of its heavy burden of the lack of Stephen. But now, dearest listeners, we are joined in happy times run amok with rum balls and pillows and we bring you tales of the dumbest in the land for your immense listening pleasures. Women who fancy themselves men, hospitals doling out new bottoms, and the epic duel of two equally matched ham fisted gentlemen.
Factoid of the Week:
Adult Northwestern American Grizzly Bears can bite through steel as thick as one half inch

But, He Has Boobs!
Ever Been Ripped a New One?
I Pee in Your Box
Boobies Be Gone
Stripper kicks dude in face
Not To Be Read/Listened To With FOOD Near You
Super Hero Plays Hookie
Ham Fisted

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Running Time: 49:40

Episode 48 – “Explosive Flatulence Is An Epidemic”

Hey, look we are on time this week! Even though I am still sick, and Stephen is hyped up on caffeine after not having any for about a month… this is not a recommended way of ingesting caffeine. I just ate about seven hundred smarties, and I very happy. SMARTIES! Smarties liked our show this week too, about tortoises that set houses on fire, a pair of flaming pants, and a baby that was flushed down the toilet!
Factoid of the Week:
75 million toothpicks can be made from one cord of wood

Tortoise Sets House On Fire
Robber’s Crush
Fat Mew Falls on Customer
Edward Retard Hands <— Submitted by Frankie U.
Flaming Pants
Python Eats Pet… in front of childrenZ!
Baby Flushed… Off the Train!
Highway Menage a Trois Ā  <—Submitted by Frankie U.
Steamy Pots

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Running Time: 57:31

Episode 47 – “Brown Chicken Brown Cow”

Ok, so, I have had the plague for the last week, and it has just about liquidated my insides ebola style. I have taken enough medication that I thought I was from a different dimension at one point; I have slept for entire days; I have eaten really well; and kept exorbitantly warm… and still I have the phage. I want to get better! On that note, I sound a bit like a whale in this episode (which is entertaining in and of itself). The content is also pretty amusing: a church with sexual commandments, a man who literally got nailed in the nuts, and a man who thinks all your tacos are belong to him.
Factoid of the Week:
Oysters can change gender according to the temperature of the water they live in

Personally, I’d rather be slapped with a ruler…
Crazy men in Japanese school girl uniforms. A new trend, or just another random idiot?
I Want To Attend This Church
I So Did Not Order That
As if our arteries could handle anymore…
Talk about getting nailed…
All Your Tacos Are Belong To Me
Man Drives Stolen Car to Police Station

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Running Time: 51:34

Down With The Sickness

I have come down with the phage, or the plague, or ebola, or maybe zombieitus. My throat is melting, I can’t breath, I’m all achy and weak, and the copious amounts of cold medicines that I am on make me want to sleep all day. I will either emerge victorious… or as the living dead. Either way it might be neat. The point of my whining? I cannot speak, let alone without coughing, so the show is off until I stop dying šŸ˜
Sacrifice a virgin for me if you think about it… or gift baskets of cough drops might be a pleasing substitute.


Episode 46 – “Two All Beef Patties, Special Sauce, Lettuce, Cheese”

Wow, this weekend has been conspiring against us! The SUC heads attacked, mini-bears looted our HQ, our mixer exploded, I forgot how to swallow water, and my parents were here (four people in a two bedroom apartment = lame). We finally managed to emerge the victors, however! Huzzah for perseverance. Today’s episode comes to you complete with ninja kitties, flying moose, and freshly baked rodents. Yum!
Factoid of the Week:
One cubic foot of gold weighs more than a half ton

Do-Gooder Accused of Do-Badding
Online Prostitution! Coming To A City Near you!
Who Let The Chickens Out?
Ninja Kitty Evades Firemen
Falling Rock…er, MOOSE!
Fresh Baked Rodent
The Phone Is Mightier Than The Tazer
Grandma Wields An Axe
Firefighter Arrested on DUI…While Driving The Fire Truck

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Running Time: 46:35

Damn The Gremlins

Well, all our happiness came crashing down on our big, fat, happy heads this evening while attempting to make up Friday’s show. Our mixer imploded upon itself, and is now a very expensive paper weight that mocks is with ever button that refuses to light up. Stephen has sold a lung, and now has enough to buy a replacement mixer. He is planning on doing this posthaste.
Something about today just did not like us, or the people around us. One of our friends went to the hospital due to sever seizures, I almost choked to death (apparently inhaling while drinking is not on the “top ten most recommended things to do” list), and our mixer decides that it is sick of having our voices float through it once a week.

Someone go do some voodoo for us, and help us get back on track!

I also hear that dragons take kindly to virgins… if anyone can find one of those?

Thanks for your patience!


Episode 45 – “If All Else Fails, I’ll Just Recycle My Urine”

I went out tonight thinking I was going to get some yummy German food… only to find out that it had been replaced! Then I drove downtown and parked, ready for my second choice… but it was overran by small children and country music! So I walked to a Japanese place and got Kistune Udon! It was so good. So good. But the cheesecake… not so much >_<
Either way, the show tonight is wonderful, as always! We give you the secret of the Highlander, reasons why you shouldn’t swallow keys, and… is anyone out there missing their scalp?

Factoid of the Week:
If the human body had the same mass as the sun, it would actually produce MORE heatĀ 

Things You Shouldnt Swallow:
New Sitcom Idea?
German Bank Robbers… Or Not?
Mayoral Dog Napper
Buckle Your Beer UpĀ  <–Submitted by Max of Analog Medium
Handcuffs: Fun For All Ages
Houdini Couldnt Have Done Better
Anyone Missing Their Scalp?
The Lion, The Witch, and The Dead Guy
Call Her Grandma Crank
Immortal Baby
Small Plane Crashes in TallahasseeĀ 

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Running Time: 57:23

Episode 44 – “Rootie Tootie Fresh and Fruity”

So, we were a tad late with posting this because I went out to eat and to see a horrible movie… I’m never let a group of five girls pick the movie ever again! I’m also going skiing tomorrow, which means a 6am wake up call. Yay! Hopefully, you guys are listening to this when you aren’t tired, and I haven’t broken my leg. So, stay tuned for inflatable dolls that lose their moans, 89 frozen ferrets, human tongue risotto, and a man arrested for dunk driving his lawn mower!
Factoid of the Week:
Roughly 2.2 million Americans can play the accordian

Shark Attack!
109-year-old Gets a Passport
Man got a stupid idea…then acted on it
Deaf Due to Cotton!
Inflatable doll lost its moan
Why Sterilization Should Take Place
Frigid Frozen Ferrets
Body Parts Stolen
Human Tongue Hospital Food
Man Takes Mower on Beer Run <— Submitted by Frankie U.
Double Dog Dummies
Pr0n Search on Nun’s Computer

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Running Time: 1:01:55


Episode 43 – “Hits Harder Than a Sock Full of Pennies!”

Dedicated to Heath Ledger: 1979 – 2008
I just got into an argument with my mother over whether or not I washed the towels in my bathroom… while that was annoying and fruitless; Episode 43 is neither! So, if you ever find yourself arguing over something completely asinine… turn up this episode and blast the other person out of the room with a kitty that has its own God Mode, a pack of thieving underpants gnomes, and an theft-proof vehicle… that was stolen!

Factoid of the Week:
Premature infants are five times more likely to be left handed

Snakes on a Plane!
A Boomerang Returns
Theft-proof car Stolen
Wolfman Looking for Love
Singing Duck
Underpants Gnomes are Real! <— Submitted by Frankie U.
The Blob Attacks!
Man Ate Rotten Meat
Kitty Has God Mode
Robber Shoots Himself in the Foot
Reason 105 Why Stealing is Bad <—- Submitted by Frankie U.

Wizzywig: Volume 1 by Ed Piskor!
Think Twice Buttons! Great service and excellent quality for all your button needs!

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Running Time: 1:05