No Show + Swag!

Hey guys! There is NO show 2nite (Thursday May 6th 2010). I am uber busy playing Cinderella for wedding POOP, and Stephen is stuck at work being someone’s bitch!
I will leave you with this DISGUSTING tidbit, however: Who eats poo? They Do!

Also, while I have your attention…. I have SO much swag. TONS of Gamer Shirts (for gals and guys), hoodies, posters, pins, wallets, yadda yadda. I do not have room for it all. Basically, I am going to give it to you guys as prizes.

One contest will be for whoever can bring the most guests two weeks in a row, one will involve whoever donates the most, one will be for whoever writes the best itunes review for us, and so on and so forth. I’ll take some pictures of all the massive amounts of swag when I get time 🙂

Until then, we love and miss you guys!

Ashley a Zombie?

There will be no show this evening. Ashley has come down with a rare strain of Zombie flu, and she is currently in the HnH lab fighting it off. This evil strain is caused by too much homework and not enough sunshine, but we think with adequate sleep and sun bathing… the effect will be diminished. We are currently feeding her really annoying cats that walk up to one door, meow, then proceed to run to another door when you open the first door… and then want back in the second they have been let out.

H&H Resolution-O-Rama 2009

Greetings, everyone! This post is here to let you know that there will NOT be a show tonight. I know you’re sad. The team here at Horseshoes & Hand Grenades was just as excited as you are, and not having a show is equivalent to watching somebody kick a puppy. It’s utterly devastating. The good news is that we have come up with something to help keep that little puppy from being kicked so hard: The H&H Resolution-O-Rama 2009!

What we want from you kind people is your resolutions for what you want to achieve in this brand new year. We’re heading into the 010’s…or just 10’s..or 2010’s…I still haven’t figured out how to say it, and we want to know what you aim to do with this new year that you’ve been given. Going to lose weight? Swim with sharks? Run along side the wildebeasts of Africa? We want to know!

All you have to do is get yourself a webcam, or a buddies computer equipped with one, and drop a video of yourself on youtube of you telling us what you are going to do with this next year. Try to keep it under 30 seconds. We’re going to put together this video of all you guys and put it on our H&H YouTube page for all to see. Don’t worry! Ash and I will totally be doing this too. Please submit all entries by Thursday, January 7.

Make sure you send us a link to the YouTube video you post. You can send it to our email at fans[at]horseshoes-handgrenades[dot]com, add a comment to this post, or Twitter us at

Thanks, everybody! Be Creative!


twitter_logoHello you wonderful people of the web! Horseshoes and Hand Grenades now has their very own TWITTER page! 😀
What does this mean for you? This means you get your sorry butts on your twitter accounts (or create one immediately), and FOLLOW @HnHShow.

Our updates from the fan page on Facebook come up as tweets (which is awesome) so you will never miss any of the hilarious pictures and articles that get posted.

Also, you will do this because I demand it of you… 😀 THE BOOBS COMMAND YOU!

Thanks >^_^<