twitter_logoHello you wonderful people of the web! Horseshoes and Hand Grenades now has their very own TWITTER page! 😀
What does this mean for you? This means you get your sorry butts on your twitter accounts (or create one immediately), and FOLLOW @HnHShow.

Our updates from the fan page on Facebook come up as tweets (which is awesome) so you will never miss any of the hilarious pictures and articles that get posted.

Also, you will do this because I demand it of you… 😀 THE BOOBS COMMAND YOU!

Thanks >^_^<


Fans! Glorious, wonderful, fans! Have I told you how much I loved you? I’m not just saying that, either. I LOVE you. You make my Thursdays so amaZing. On a side note, we will be doing the show tomorrow due to an unforseen drunkness of one of your cohosts (Stepohen cannot keep his alcohol down! poor guy… support group maybe?).
We will do the show TOMOTTOR (Friday) at 8pm est. Hopefully, by then, Stephen will be sober. The man really likes his rum 😀

Disaster Strikes!

twitter_fail_whale“Houston, we have a problem”
After the show on Thursday I tried to save the audio file just like another day, and that’s when the unthinkable happened: my computer died. Not like DEAD died, but froze up to the point where I couldn’t do anything. As a result, episode 114 was lost to the ether and shall never be heard. I’m devastated at this loss because we had a ton of funny stuff on that episode. The good news is that Ash and I aren’t against doing it all over again, so we will be recording episode 114b sometime today. As soon as we can get it all done I’ll post it up and we’ll be back in business. I’ve also made the appropriate changes so that we won’t be losing an entire show like that again. So sit tight, and keep your browser pointed right here! We’ll have the show up as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience!


Early Show!

badasskirkspockDue to Star Trek releasing on one of our recording days, and our inability to miss such a premiere, we’ll be doing the show at 7pm EDT! I hope you guys can pop by earlier so we get to chat with you a bit. The show would be a lot less lively without that good ol’ chatty banter you bring to the table. So mark your calendars and set your alarms for the slightly earlier show. Thanks!

The Tubes are Clogged!

Something went completely awry on tonights show and we feel that the masters of the internet are working against us to sto p our show from being awesome. Well, that or Skype was simply having some major issues. Needless to say, the show did not go on as planned because Ashley and I couldn’t understand a word each other were saying thanks to The Fuzz. I capitalized it because I believe that it is an entity hell bent on stopping our show whenever it gets the chance. Well it takes more than that to put us down, Fuzz!
The show will be going on Friday night at 8pm EST instead of the usual time. Ashley will be in Morgantown with me at the time so we’ll have our show Skype free, so that takes care of one point of failure. It will be awesome and I hope those who came out tonight can try again tomorrow. Can’t wait to see you guys!!

Update: Image removed from this post because I think it made someone throw up. Apologies to all ye with sensitive stomachs. I thought the tube had mud in it. I may have been wrong.

Holiday Hooplah!

Well, it’s that time again: shop until you die of a heart attack time! I hope you guys had an excellent black friday and found sales out the wazoo. Unfortunately, we had an excellent one too, and it’s wiped us out completely. My parents are visiting and Ash is doing tree decorating with her family. This has kind of thrown us off more than originally anticipated, so we’re going to have to delay the show for tonight. I’m as devasted as you are, trust me. But it seems kind of crappy of me to let my parents drive 15 hours up here to see me and then not spend enough time hanging out with them. So I’m giving this weekend to family time. Go ahead, blame me for the delays. I can take it! We’ll have a podcast out this week though, so don’t panic! We’ll get back to normal soon. These holidays are crazy! See you guys again soon!!

New Site Launched!

Welcome to the brand spankin’ new Horseshoes & Hand Grenades home on the web! Just like the old H&H, but with a little more “awesome” added into it. We’re going to be posting daily with news articles and weird crap we’ve seen on the net! That’s one of the additions we’re adding to make your visits to H&H a little more fun. Continue reading “New Site Launched!”

H&H LIVE! Episode 50 This Friday!

Ladies and Gentlemen, this Friday we will be producing the 50th episode of our fantastic podcast, and would like YOU to join us! Every 10 episodes we do a live show so we can have input from our fans and let you guys join us in laughing at the rest of the world. After doing 4 of these we have finally streamlined our process into something that works, and makes it easiest for you guys. Here are the details:

  • The show starts at 8pm EST, and will be streamed right here on
  • We will be using Stickam which provides a cool chat box in the streaming client that will be in the right sidebar of this page. This is a good alternative to communicating with us if you don’t want to or can’t use Skype.
  • If you want to call in, you will need to have a Skype account and the Skype software (available FREE from and a decently quiet room so the whole world doesn’t hear your music, tv, or small children crying. Also, please turn down the show when you call in so we don’t hear ourselves through your microphone.
  • Add “hnhlive” as a friend on Skype. This is the name you will be able to reach us at.
  • This show is a total free-for-all, so call in whenever you want and we will take your call. I don’t care if we’re in the middle of a story, we want to hear from you! Because we love you 🙂

Remember, as always live shows can and very well might run long, be excessively RAUNCHY, and our conversation may stray so far from the topic that you can’t see it anymore. We’ve had SO much fun when we do these shows, that these things don’t even bother us. So please call in! We’ll see you guys this Friday!