After The Blast – Episode Zwei

This after show, show is turning out to be a lot of fun! I’m stoked when people chose to stay and chill out with us instead of venturing out into the real world. We rambled on about a stupid fruit fly that was being annoying, Tim Burton’s Alice, Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter, how cool I look in kitty ears, audio books, The Green Hornet, and how comic book stores can be 1337est or just awesome. Hit us up with pre-show questions that you want us to address for next week!
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Episode 72 – “He Won’t Recognize Me By My Butt”

This is late. Just in case you were confused. We had a good reason for it being late, though. Stephen moved up here, so from now on we will have live shows! Granted, my face is finally getting rearranged this Thursday, so I won’t be in the game for at least a week. I ran out after the show to see Tropic Thunder. It was completely ridiculous… like our show this week! We found so many amazingly retarded people doing so many amazingly retarded things. Giant, inflatable poo, 20 min peep shows, Burger King baths, and train tunnels too small for the trains. I’ll miss you guys!
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