Episode 69 – “Put This On Your Crotch”

Somehow — completely unintentional on our part, of course — we ended up having a ton of stories with the number 69 in it for our awesomely perverted 69th episode. 69 year old pool-o-phile, 1969 founding date of the Jim Smith foundation, 69 million cats, 69 thousand carp pedicures. Ok, so maybe I fudged the numbers a tad, but whose counting? I’m just glad to be back! 69 times happier to be back then you could even imagine. 😀
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Episode 62 – “Porkchop Sandwiches!”

This week has been insane. I spent 24 hours straight (2 breaks for food) helping a friend move from his apartment (he had more crap then you could possibly imagine), came back home (3 hour drive) only to take my mum to the hospital! Pure Crap! Combine this with working and my mum’s broken foot and you have a recipe for no spare time! Good thing I have Stephen and H&H to turn to or I would be doing some BASE jumping without a chute. This week brings us a man who thought a porta-potty was a swimming pool, gassless sheep, an unhomeless homeless woman, and a naked maid that no one thought to watch clean.
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Alcohol Causes Intoxication

Now, I don’t claim to be an aficionado in the realm of alcohol, but I do know that fermented beverages tend to make one a tad inebriated when consumed. This is more information than Iancu Boroi, 35, has, however. Boroi has apparently lodged an official complaint to the trading standards agency after getting drunk off of beer. To give the man some credit, it was only one beer.

Iancu Boroi… said he had bought the beer at a local supermarket in Arges in southern Romania but was so drunk after drinking just one can that he nearly passed out.

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