Episode 73 – “I’m Dancing With My Mouth”

With Ashley out of commission, I am forced to have to write the introductory paragraph for this amazing show! I say forced like it’s a bad thing, but I’m just glad right now that I have a show to post! Stephanie joined us on this episode for a rip-roaring good time! The title stems from something Ash said when she was all drugged up and groggy right after surgery. Needless to say, Steph and I laughed at her a lot. This episode we have lots of naked people, boobs on bikes, and a pigeon with jailtime!
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Aliens Throwing Things! Run For Cover!

A Bosnian man is claiming that he is being targeted by aliens. Meteorites have hit the man’s home five times and he sees no other explanation to this incredible phenomenon other than visitors from above sending these space rocks hurtling toward his house. No explanation is offered as to why the aliens would pick on this poor guy, but we can be certain that they are the ones responsible. Why else would this guy get hit five times when such an event is so very rare for everyone else?
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