Episode 83 – “The Moo Moo Inferno”

HAPPY HALLOWEEN, you worthless wretches of society; you scoundrels that feed on the underbelly of our world! I hope you enjoy dressing as whores and the damned; may your roamings lead to copious amounts of candy and alcohol… and may you wake up with the worst hangover you’ve had in three years Saturday morning. Sell your wife on a car site, more suicide squirrels (these attacks are more and more frequent), squirrel on the menu, man gets stuck in toilet, dirty diaper BBQ, powdered milk bomb, and a mouse eating block of cheese!
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Episode 70 – “Do Squirrels Have Nuts?”

The word “salad” implies something light and crunchy and yummy. So, when I made a taco salad, I was looking forward to not feeling like a very stuffed sausage afterwords. However, I apparently more taccoed and less saladed my taco salad… and I feel like a turkey on thanksgiving – stuffed. I also forgot what day it was today and barely made it home in time for the live show; which is not really the best thing in the world for a co-host to do! Anyway, the show was awesome and a special thanks to everyone that turned out! The show was a bit gross this week, eating bugs, being impaled in the groin by a rusty spike, having one’s penis fall off in the midst of sex… you know, pretty standard stories for us 😀 Continue reading “Episode 70 – “Do Squirrels Have Nuts?””