Episode 61 – “Candy Corn of DOOM!”

It is so good to be back! I missed Stephen and H&H almost enough to keep me home from going to Busch Gardens and eating all of the roller coasters. Alas, the coasters called to me and demanded my attendance. This show totally makes up for my absence, however (because I know you all were just pining away without me). Stephen and I both had caffeine before we recorded, and we are insanely hyper. Hyper hosts make for awesome shows! Lots of sex (with cars!), shark attacks (in bedrooms!), moonpies (as deadly weapons!), and marriages (to walls!). Enjoy the caffeine rush 😀
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Woman Sues Over Botched Surgery

The headline of this article may be slightly inaccurate since the woman didn’t actually have a botched surgery, but the completely wrong one! A woman is suing the hospital that performed cosmetic surgery that left her with bigger breasts she didn’t order! Continue reading “Woman Sues Over Botched Surgery”