Episode 79 – “Someone Is Burning A Fire”

Hey Everybody! I’m sitting in a restaurant shortly before this episode is supposed to come out and typing this on my iPhone. That pretty much means that this intro will be short. I hope you guys enjoy the show as much as we did. Our show was packed with the usual insane and disgusting news that you guys have come to know and love. Including, but not limited to, cooking with balls, crazy Mexican condom van thieves, a misdiagnosed old dude, and a ketchup stealing bandit! Enjoy the show!
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No Squirting Please

We all know that teenagers are a menace. They steal, drool, toilet paper your trees, and have sex with your daughter. Well one town in Norfolk (UK) has decided that enough is most assuredly enough. They have drawn a line in the sand and taken a definite stance against teenagers and their vile hyjinx. They… have banned the sale of ketchup and eggs to teens. Continue reading “No Squirting Please”