Episode 66 – “The Fire Burns Red!”

Stephen is up in good old, lame arse WV this weekend for one last show before I get my face rearranged via surgery. On July 10th I am having a freaking horrible 3 hour minimum surgery on my nose (nasal septal perforation… wtf?!) and I will be out cold that day… and probably that week. So, this was my farewell show for a good week or so; but I will be back after my short hiatus, if all goes well. Happy 4th of July to all those that live in the USA (and a small apology to those of a more British origin… we still love you). Enjoy the fireworks, the hotdogs, and the time with friends and family. Also, enjoy a man stabbing his mother with a fork, and clocking another woman with a frozen chicken, a robber that likes to hug his victims, and the poor woman who had her toes gnawed off by her stupid mini-dog. Ouch.
Happy Birthday USA!

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Episode 62 – “Porkchop Sandwiches!”

This week has been insane. I spent 24 hours straight (2 breaks for food) helping a friend move from his apartment (he had more crap then you could possibly imagine), came back home (3 hour drive) only to take my mum to the hospital! Pure Crap! Combine this with working and my mum’s broken foot and you have a recipe for no spare time! Good thing I have Stephen and H&H to turn to or I would be doing some BASE jumping without a chute. This week brings us a man who thought a porta-potty was a swimming pool, gassless sheep, an unhomeless homeless woman, and a naked maid that no one thought to watch clean.
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Let’s Read…Naked!

A whole bunch of German hippies are getting together today to read a book about being a nudist. The catch: they are all naked! The book they are reading is all about Naturism, which from what I gather is about natural stuff. Sounds simple right? It probably isn’t, but for the sake of this article, I’ll just take a few liberties and make up things. That’s what we do here after all! Continue reading “Let’s Read…Naked!”