Episode 70 – “Do Squirrels Have Nuts?”

The word “salad” implies something light and crunchy and yummy. So, when I made a taco salad, I was looking forward to not feeling like a very stuffed sausage afterwords. However, I apparently more taccoed and less saladed my taco salad… and I feel like a turkey on thanksgiving – stuffed. I also forgot what day it was today and barely made it home in time for the live show; which is not really the best thing in the world for a co-host to do! Anyway, the show was awesome and a special thanks to everyone that turned out! The show was a bit gross this week, eating bugs, being impaled in the groin by a rusty spike, having one’s penis fall off in the midst of sex… you know, pretty standard stories for us 😀 Continue reading “Episode 70 – “Do Squirrels Have Nuts?””

Episode 66 – “The Fire Burns Red!”

Stephen is up in good old, lame arse WV this weekend for one last show before I get my face rearranged via surgery. On July 10th I am having a freaking horrible 3 hour minimum surgery on my nose (nasal septal perforation… wtf?!) and I will be out cold that day… and probably that week. So, this was my farewell show for a good week or so; but I will be back after my short hiatus, if all goes well. Happy 4th of July to all those that live in the USA (and a small apology to those of a more British origin… we still love you). Enjoy the fireworks, the hotdogs, and the time with friends and family. Also, enjoy a man stabbing his mother with a fork, and clocking another woman with a frozen chicken, a robber that likes to hug his victims, and the poor woman who had her toes gnawed off by her stupid mini-dog. Ouch.
Happy Birthday USA!

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Episode 63 – “Mmm, Hot Monkey Cleavage!”

I did this episode rather tipsy off my arse. I drank a bottle of Vampire Merlot that the wondiferous Brad B. got me for helping him carry heavy boxes. I think I shall forever to the show in a state of tipsyness. Stephen also did the show live (from his end) via camera and sticham on the site! This will probably become the trend. My room is a mess… someone come clean it immediately. Or you could check out our show and get paid to watch pr0n, have your penis bitten by a snake, have a baby you didn’t know you were carrying while wearing a bumble bee suit, or be chased away from your meal by a bear.
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The Case of the Disappearing Wangs

A wave of crime has hit the town of Kinshasa in the Congo that would send even the bravest of the brave men running to hide under the bed. People are having their penises stolen! Never did I think I would read a headline like this, but when I started browsing around for news this morning, it was the very first thing that caught my eye. I’m in complete bewilderment and officially refuse to ever visit the Congo, not that it was high up on my list of places to visit in the first place.
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