Episode 66 – “The Fire Burns Red!”

Stephen is up in good old, lame arse WV this weekend for one last show before I get my face rearranged via surgery. On July 10th I am having a freaking horrible 3 hour minimum surgery on my nose (nasal septal perforation… wtf?!) and I will be out cold that day… and probably that week. So, this was my farewell show for a good week or so; but I will be back after my short hiatus, if all goes well. Happy 4th of July to all those that live in the USA (and a small apology to those of a more British origin… we still love you). Enjoy the fireworks, the hotdogs, and the time with friends and family. Also, enjoy a man stabbing his mother with a fork, and clocking another woman with a frozen chicken, a robber that likes to hug his victims, and the poor woman who had her toes gnawed off by her stupid mini-dog. Ouch.
Happy Birthday USA!

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Episode 60 LIVE! – “You Have Porn On Your Pillow”

Alas, today’s live show went on despite that fact that nobody listened live and nobody called in. Don’t worry, the co-host of the show wasn’t even there. My good buddy Micah stood in to take her place! Despite not having boobies, he did awesome and I am super glad that he came on to pick up the slack left by Ash who is currently out of town fighting the good fight against the Red Squirrel Army. We still had a good time, and I can only assume that you all were abducted by aliens and couldn’t wrestle yourselves away in time to join us. I hope you love this episode!
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