Episode 71 – “Something That Big Ought To Give Milk”

This week has been very hard on my sleep schedule. I have not got any! I’ve been rather grumpy too. Sometimes it is just SO much fun to be grumpy. However, I had yummy, deliciouso wine during this episode and I am hyper as all hell 😀 Stephen ended up having to pull my weight because of the lack of internets and got all the notes again this week. A few people showed up at my door earlier. I was asleep on the couch and having awesome dreams… and I hear this banging and yelling about the police. I go to the door and there are my friends… DRIPPING WET. Im talking totally submerged into a tank of water and dripping on my doorstep. There is no water leading up to the puddle they are standing in (it is a wooden walk way and water shows up easily), and when they walked away it left a trail. Tell me how that happened? Listen in for a woman fighting a lion with a machete while perched on a donkey! You know you wanna know 😀 Continue reading “Episode 71 – “Something That Big Ought To Give Milk””