Episode 78 – “Hang On To Your Gonads!”

I am currently being harassed by a fruit fly. I want it to spontaneously combust… but it is not cooperating with me. Jerk. I was so tired right before we started the show. The fear of falling asleep mid sentence was lurking in the corner, but — per usual — doing the show with Stephen makes me insanely hyper (omg, the fruit fly is buzzing around my head now?!) and I had a BLAST! And, although I predicted last week that I wouldn’t be able to find notes… there were a ton this week as well! Someone must be sacrificing hookers to the note gods for us… thank you! SO glad Voodoo could be back with us this week! Vash turned 18 on Wednesday, and we had new listeners; Starkk (our wow buddy), and Susie-Q! Pigzilla returns, I ate your mom, WV blows and we will tell you why, and finally: reminders why we should not taze naked people.
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