Episode 74 – “Cute People Don’t Poop”

Here we are again with another episode that is Ashley-less, but that does NOT mean that it is fun-less! We had an absolute blast doing this show and loved the chat room participation this week. Major thanks to Vash and his little brother for lending us the Factoid of the Week sound. They did some great work and we loved it. This weeks episode is incredibly funny and has everything from a fearless cockapoo to underwire wielding suspected terrorists! Download and enjoy!

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It’s Cheaper Than A Casket!

In America, we have a handful of home grown inventions that we can really be proud of: the lightbulb, the telephone, and Pringles. Not just the chips themselves, mind you, but also the can that made them famous. Yes, the Pringles can is a staple of American culture and has been one of the most important inventions of our time. You can put socks in it, t-shirts, potato chips, and finally someone has done something unconventional with it: they buried their father inside the can.
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Episode 61 – “Candy Corn of DOOM!”

It is so good to be back! I missed Stephen and H&H almost enough to keep me home from going to Busch Gardens and eating all of the roller coasters. Alas, the coasters called to me and demanded my attendance. This show totally makes up for my absence, however (because I know you all were just pining away without me). Stephen and I both had caffeine before we recorded, and we are insanely hyper. Hyper hosts make for awesome shows! Lots of sex (with cars!), shark attacks (in bedrooms!), moonpies (as deadly weapons!), and marriages (to walls!). Enjoy the caffeine rush 😀
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Robbing the Dead

A 23-year-old from Spain woke up one day and decided that robbing a mortuary was an intelligent thing to do. Shockingly enough, as it turns out… it wasn’t.
Neighbors of the funeral home called in a disturbance to police when they heard the doors being forced open during the middle of the night.

Apparently, the sounds of the police arriving terrified the young would-be-thief into playing possum, and he laid out on the table normally used in wake viewings.
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