Episode 64 – “Death Wears Sandals!”

Puffer FishSo, I am down in Tally Wang with Stephen this week! We did a semi-live, on video show and a couple of our awesome listeners turned in and were perverts with us! I was trying to pound back a bottle of Asti, and Stephen had his mega fruit juice of doom. Apparently, there was a lot of interest in Stephen’s spinny chair… and bets on whether or not he would tip over at one point during the show. While Stephen was busy trying to keep his balance, and I was trying not to choke on bubbles our show read without us about Gerbils of Doom, Zombie Mayors, Street Swept Dogs, and Gonad Crazed Puffer Fish. This episode is dedicated to our newest fan, Vash, from somewhere in Georgia. He is HnH approved.
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