Episode 576 – Do Us Money

Factoid of the Week:

In traditional Chinese culture, the dragon typically embodies the qualities of power, nobleness, leadership, honour, luck, and success. In fact, the dragon is often considered the most highly revered zodiac animal of all. Many years ago, it was even commonly thought that the Emperors of enormous dynasties were reincarnations of dragons.

Flight risk: suspected spy pigeon released after eight months in detention in India
Florida fisherman single handedly reels in 1,200-lb, 12-foot ‘monster’ great white shark
NJ animal shelter will name feral cat after an ex, then neuter it
Canada drug dealer offers ‘free samples’ of cocaine stapled to business cards
Radio station baffled after 200-foot radio tower disappears without a trace

Words of Wisdom:

Happiness is like those palaces in fairy tales whose gates are guarded by dragons: we must fight in order to conquer it. -Alexandre Dumas

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