Skype Reports Login Issues

UPDATE: Looks like Skype is up and running again. We’re still on for the semi-live show! So get ready to give us a call around 7:45 so we can go over how it’s all going to work. 
Okay….I’ve decided that the Evil Ninja Net MonkeyZ are out to kill us, and the rest of the internet in the process. Or it could be squirrels chewing through the lines so that we can’t spread our message of the imminent squirrel uprising. Apparently Skype has disabled downloading of the client, and is having login issues that they are “working very hard to fix.” I think some of you reported problems adding me (fulltangninja) as a contact, and I think this issue explains it.

If Skype is still having issues tonight, we may be forced to reschedule. As much as I hate it, this is the only way we’ve mastered when it comes to doing this show. Keep checking back here for updates and we’ll let you know what’s going on. As of right now, we’re still on for 7:45 in hopes that everything will start working properly again. Keep your fingers crossed!

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