HnH: The BLoG!!

Yes, you read the header right, folks! H&H is invading the blogosphere with a much more updated version of the show you all know and love! Granted it’s all text and pictures so you will be forced to read, but that’s not so bad! We wanted to provide you guys with week long entertainment rather than just our Friday show. We’ll be posting stories that either did not make the show in the week before, or stories that we just think are cool. Occasionally you will also find a rant or two from Steve and Ashley because they battle many idiots on a daily basis, and would love to put their tales to paper! So be sure to check out the blog at the url below and comment! There is already one story up on the blog for you to devour and leave your thoughts on. So check it out and don’t forget to spread the H&H love…just don’t spread it too forcefully or you may have to call it H&H rape, which is a bad thing.

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