Got Milk (In Your Eye)?

Everyone has seen someone squirt milk out of their nose at some point or another. You might have been one of those lucky individuals that felt the horrible burning as liquid shot out of holes you never thought liquid could shoot out of. I have never had the intense agonizing pleasure, but I have seen it happen. It’s kinda gross. Not as gross, however, as shooting milk out of your EYE.

Zhang Yinming drank milk through his nose and then squirted it up to two metres with his eyes.

Zhang, from Shandong province, showed off his unusual skills in Nanjing city, the capital of Jiangsu Province.

He also used his ears to blow up two balloons at the same time.

This is hilarious, and weird, and kind of sexual looking… it is possible by a small hole in the bottom lid of your eye. The hole is connected to the sinus cavity. In fact, you may have had a small pin put in the hole while visiting your optometrist at some point. I bet your doctor never made you snort milk for you eye care, though. That man’s head must be full of tubes… he is the interweb!


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2 thoughts on “Got Milk (In Your Eye)?”

  1. I saw this guy do this on Conan O’Brien once. He shot the milk like 10 feet! It was incredible! He looks like he’s going have an aneurysm when he does it though. Either that or crap his pants 0_o

  2. I was having nosebleeds earlier and I thought of the people who can shoot milk out of their eyes and I thought to myself “I must shoot blood out of my eye.” Even grosser, I know, and totally unsanitary, but I absolutely have to do this.

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