The Tubes are Clogged!

Something went completely awry on tonights show and we feel that the masters of the internet are working against us to sto p our show from being awesome. Well, that or Skype was simply having some major issues. Needless to say, the show did not go on as planned because Ashley and I couldn’t understand a word each other were saying thanks to The Fuzz. I capitalized it because I believe that it is an entity hell bent on stopping our show whenever it gets the chance. Well it takes more than that to put us down, Fuzz!
The show will be going on Friday night at 8pm EST instead of the usual time. Ashley will be in Morgantown with me at the time so we’ll have our show Skype free, so that takes care of one point of failure. It will be awesome and I hope those who came out tonight can try again tomorrow. Can’t wait to see you guys!!

Update: Image removed from this post because I think it made someone throw up. Apologies to all ye with sensitive stomachs. I thought the tube had mud in it. I may have been wrong.

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