Nerdy Talk – Episode 1

windows7I know this is totally different for H&H, but not so different for one of it’s hosts. I, Steve, have ventured back into the tech podcasting universe by hosting a show I have so lovingly dubbed “Nerdy Talk.” It’s really a term of endearment now isn’t it? On this episode I’m joined by H&H listeners Vash and Micahpie for a good conversation on the ins and outs of Windows 7. The operating system was released just a month ago, and has had the geek masses running to it with the promise of a better experience than Windows Vista. Did it deliver? Listen to three tech heads hash out the details and get down to whether this is the beacon of hope, or simply another mediocre release from the boys at Microsoft.
Download it Here! (Right-click, Save As…)
Running Time:  1:35:58

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