Episode 134 – Finger Bumping Cool

EggplantWell, I was apparently on something this episode, because everyone thought my glass of water was something a bit stronger (there were votes for vodka and white wine….). I promise, guys… it was water 😀 I had just caught the hyper when I started talking to Stephen — the kid is hilarious!
We totally drove the bus off the friggen state this episode — but it was so much fun! Who needs a road anyway?! We talked about squeegee wars and stepping on balls, and half-half-holes.
Factoid of the Week:
Two-thirds of the world’s eggplant is grown in New Jersey.

People are larger than dogs
Drop Trou
Squeegee War
Step on my balls
Half a man
Deer neighbor
Fat Trafficing
Two Halves better than a whole?
Optometrist Calls Patient flubby

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Running Time: 1:31:16

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    I wouldn’t buy a mac… not if they paid me to take it. However, Hackintosh on the other hand…

    “It just works” let 50% of end users show me that they know basic terminal commands, then we will talk about getting a mac

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