Nerdy Talk – Episode 2

Finally, the episode you’ve been waiting for! Yes indeedy, it’s time for another edition of NERDY TALK, where we cover the latest in tech news. This time it’s full on opinions and news about Apple’s brand new product: iPad. Sounds like a high tech feminine hygiene product, we know, but it’s what we have. Joining Steve this time is his long time friend and fellow tech-head, Lando. Together they brake down the specs on this sucker and then proudly address their excitement and concern about Apple’s foray into the tablet market. Download it now!
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Running Time:  1:00: 32

2 thoughts on “Nerdy Talk – Episode 2”

  1. Ok, You know I am upset. I would have loved to been able to laid the smack down on the iPad!
    Here is a comment I put out on Facebook talking about it with some friends

    While I do want one. Think it is an extremely flawed device for three main reasons.
    1. No Flash! that means you are not getting “The entire web in your hands (Jobs)” If this think had flash so I can watch Hulu or any other flash based website, I would be in line right now.
    2. Multiprocessing this is not that big of a deal, but it reall is starting to get on my nerves when I want to check twitter/Facebook/whatever I have to close what I am doing and open up their app, check it, close and reopen the thing i was just messing with before. James has pointed out to me that jail breaking may solve this issue.

    3. Mirco-Sim!! WTF!!!! they unlock a device and then change the sim so I can not through my AT&T sim in and use it??? I refuse to give AT&T another $30 a month. Which in my opinion is the only reason that is micro sim is there. With the device being unlocked and the same OS as on my iPhone, they had to stop someone like me from exploiting this. I already pay AT&T tooo much money as is. Really this is very disappointing move on Apples part

    Question? Will the kindle app still work on the iPad? if so that seems like it would basically double if not Triple the amount of books that you can get.

  2. Dude, I totally agree with these points. I should have thrown out some invites to this but I was so excited to rant a bit that I just through the show together with very short notice. I’ll plan better next time and get more people on the show. I didn’t know you’d be interested, so I guess I should have asked.
    The Micro-sim is an EXCELLENT point! I didn’t even think of this originally. Just another way for AT&T to get some cash.

    The more I think about it, the more I understand the purpose for this thing though. The apps will make the difference I’m sure, but this just means that I’ll want to wait for iPad 2.0 before I can really get interested in getting one. Still disappointed, but I guess I’m more understanding of their end goal.

    I’d definitely pick this up over a kindle if given the choice though. It’s a better all around tablet device if you simply compare it to another ebook reader.

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