Episode 229 – Deyu Sex

H&H has risen like a pheonix from the ashes and has brought you the long awaited Episode 229. The hackers almost had us, but we were able to recover relatively quickly, and get it all working again. Seriously, though! Why would anyone want to take down the happiest place on earth? You guys obviously like us so it must be some ridiculously straight-laced organization that can’t stand for our crazy humor and gratuitous nudity…okay maybe not the nudity part. We’re just glad to have the site back and running in perfect order. Enjoy our latest episode!!
Factoid of the Week
“Poo” means “crab” in Thailand. There is a book called “Cooking with Poo”

Zombies in China
Waiter Spills Beer
Karma Hates You
You can do this!?

Download it Here! (Right-click, Save As…)
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