Episode 397 – I Hate Painting

Guys, painting is the biggest crock of crap ever.  Why can’t they just make sheetrock come in colors?  Or make our walls plastic that can be tinted?  Or video screens that can put whatever your heart so desires up on the walls?  Why the crap do we use heavy-arse, lame, paint absorbing drywall?  Seriously, there has to be a better way.  I now understand why people put up wallpaper.

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Factoid of the Week:
Alfred P. Southwick, a steamboat engineer, a dentist, and inventor, is credited with the invention of the electric chair as a means of execution.

Important Message from the Stars!
Stick a Needle in My Eye?!?

Words of Wisdom:
To talk of atomic energy in terms of atomic bombs is like talking of electricity in terms of the electric chair. – Pyotr Kapitsa

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