Episode 508 – Pounding Us Full of Science

Courtesy of Jole Aron

It’s been another week in the plaguelands, but we’re making it through! Not only that, we managed to pull in a bunch of stories that have nothing to do with a virus! We did learn that Ashley is violent, and that both of us managed to get a pass tonight on not answering a question. You’ll have fun. Give it a listen.

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Factoid of the Week:
The word ‘curry’ in a gastronomic sense is thought to derive from the Tamil ‘karil’, which was a sauce served with rice.  However, the phrase “to give curry” is Australian slang for abusing or expressing anger at someone.

Taiwan launches new baseball season with cardboard fans in stands
Topless woman trashes Denny’s restaurant in California after going on rampage
It’s Wrong To Use Two Spaces Between Sentences, Microsoft Word Says
Oregon strip club creates drive-thru experience during coronavirus lockdown: ‘People are super stoked’

Words of Wisdom:
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Confidence is like food seasoning. Without it your food is bland, but too much of it & you have to throw it out completely. ~ Aleph Abi Saad

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