Where Did All the Spare Explosives Go?

I believe that it’s safe to say that most people understand what a missile looks like, and hopefully would not use them for any unintended purposes. Okay, maybe that last statement was off, but we all know what they look like. If you have watched a movie in the past ten years, there is a good chance you’ve seen one. Well, there are some people in this world that don’t have any idea how dangerous a missle can be. One of these people is a crazy old farmer in a Romanian village.
The man, who is not named in the article, discovered the bomb underground on his farm, and decided that he would use it as an equipment sharpening tool and an ANVIL! An anvil, for those of you who don’t know, is a big hunk of flat metal that you can use to flatten other hunks of metal with a giant hammer. I can already see your eyes widening as you imagine this farming madman banging on a bomb with a 10lb hammer. That was my reaction too.

Explosive specialists said that the explosive was still active and was dangerous for the farmer’s family and his neighbors.

A spokesman for the firefighters said: “We’ve had many problems because of these unexploded bombs which have been in the ground since the Second World War but this is really crazy.

The bomb was exploded in a controlled environment, which, I’m sure, was much to the dismay of the farmer. He was probably very upset over losing his very nice anvil. The world is now safe, though, and we can thank the Romanian police for that!

Source: Ananova

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  1. So….. What I want to know is how the farmer found out what it was? Did the bomb aquad just show up one day and look for a bomb?

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