Episode 54 – “Now With 30% Less Trans Fat!”

Tonight’s episode was captured by a defiant group of squirrels who refuse to understand that they have been beaten! I had to journey into the deepest and darkest of squirrel outposts and wrestle this episode away from one of the nasty little buggers before it became their giant squirrel dinner. That’s right folks, they tried to eat it! It’s a good thing I was there to make sure this show came out safe and sound. I barely escaped, but I shall wear my wounds with pride. Tonight’s episode is covered in chocolate and presented to you like a nobel prize…whatever that means. Enjoy!

Factoid of the Week:
Male rhesus monkeys often hang from tree branches by their amazing prehensile penises

Road Stolen
Heads or Tails? <— submitted by Jecht
Stop or I will Scrape You!
Super Naked Man Evades Police!
Laptop Now With 50% More Pube!<— submitted by Frankie U
Somebody’s Hurling Hedgehogs <—submitted by NewZelandGuy
Parrot’s Potty Mouth <— submitted by Corvus Crow

Download it Here! (Right-click, Save As..)
Running Time: 58:17

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