Man 4gets Wife… On Top of Car

I hate to admit this, but I am guilty of setting things atop my Jeep while I open the driver door… and then forgetting I sat whatever it was atop said Jeep. This wouldn’t be such a problem if 95% of us didn’t take off down the road with coffee cups, folders, and wives still on top of our moving vehicles. Yeah… wives.

A Long Island man has been charged with driving from home drunk with his wife on the roof of their car, throwing her to the ground and seriously injuring her.

Police said Diamond Mircea was fighting with his wife, Monica Mircea, at their Islip Terrace home around 12:30 Sunday morning. They said he jumped into the car and she climbed onto the car’s roof to try to stop him.

I know when I get pissed off at someone in a two ton steel cage capable of zooming at speeds of 160mph that my first inclination is to leap atop the evil ram rod of doom. That is perfectly normal, right? Also, when I am in said steel cage of doom and someone jumps on top of it… I just keep driving (for reals if it is a Zombie/Serial Killer/X-bf).

Come on people! Even drunk there has to be some sort of common sense leaking into your thoughts. Then again, Stephen and I wouldn’t have a show it this were the case…


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